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Galaxy watch & whatsapp


Hi I got my new rose gold samsung watch yesterday and cannot seem to get my WhatsApp notifications or messages on it. I cant find any information on it on the internet or if there is a 3rd party to use. Can you help please.

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hello. .. sadly nothing .still the same they Samsung  gotta sit down with whatSapp developers and find a solution to this . 


I now receive messages and can reply with voice to text.


Not calls.


My mobile has to be with me and switched on.

Is your watch the LTE (4g version)
Mine is the bluetooth version only. I have no problem with the notifications from messages only with whatsapp calls
Oh I can not make what's app calls. Just reply to messages by voice converting to a text message.

I don't think whatsapp is compatible with samsung galaxy. It's not a downloadable app.

If you get it working let my know off would be useful to have a fully working what's app

are you talking g about just messages or whatapp messages

I don not have the whatsapp application on the watch but I can receive a notification from what's app on via my phone and reply on my watch by either texting back or talking into the watch and it converts the voice to text.

@Blackcloud wrote:

Hi all, go to samsung wearable app > notifications > show while using phone. This will push your whatsapp notifications to your watch.


It worked for me on the new LTE watch



The issue is not receiving whatsapp call notifications on the Bluetooth galaxy watch (The same way as normal call notifications come through) . The only call related notification received is a missed call notification after a call had been missed. 


Very strange, I havh note 8 and Galaxy watch doesn't show whatsapp calls 

But a friend of mine have an iphone x

All calls are fine even whatsapp 

What is going on samsung? 


Hi all,


I can reply to both text messages and voice calls on whatsapp but only via the notification of a missed call or message.


I can not call any contact or message via whatsapp independently. I can only reply via the notification on the watch.

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