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Galaxy watch & whatsapp


When in the love of god will you guys finnaly support multiple messages on tizen of one person received from whatsap.


Why the hell is this problem still there after 4 years?


When a person sends you for example 4 messages from whats app my gear s3 only shows the last message. it ***** annoying to say the least. the whole point of the smartwatch is to read messages on the wrist. now i always need to take my s7 out of my pocket to read earlier messages. 


Why is something that simple... wich also billions of people use all over the world not fixed on the best smartwatch on the market???


How is this freaking possible software engineers at samsung used the smartwatch and never thought... "Dayum thats pretty annoying only being able to read the last message, lets fix it!"


Wake up samsung!

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The only answer that is apparent is...


@sygys wrote:


Why is something that simple... wich also billions of people use all over the world not fixed on the best smartwatch on the market???


Gear S3 is NOT the best smartwatch on the market because Samsung chooses to not support it.  I love their phones but the WhatsApp roadblock has been the single defining factor why I haven't even trialed on of their wearables.  I honestly am insulted by it at this point and it's starting to make me rethink upgrading the the S10 on my next cycle.

But dont' worry you'll get a nice reply from a Samsung representatve......eventually stating it's your responsibility to reach out to WhatsApp and convinve them to reach out to Samsung and address the issue with Samsung's proprietary operating system.  Samsung's lack of ownership and ethics to "do the right" thing is astounding.


Samsung thinks just because it looks better than most tech watches people will continue to buy it.  If I wanted a good looking tech watch that didn't do what I want I would buy the Tag.



Agreed, can't believe this has been a problem since the begining and still not fixed.


I understand its difficult to support every app but at least focus on market share.  WhatsApp, WeChat, FB Messenger should be at the top of their lists.  WhatsApp has a major share in the US and EU and dominates the latin markets.  WeChat might as well be considered a monopoly in Asia.  Launching a wearable that doesn't fully support these tools is like launching a PC that doesn't support IE, Chrome & Firefox.


The whole concept of a wearable is to replace your phone under certain conditions.  Those certain conditions being primarily communication (phone, sms, chat), navigation & health.  Especially if you are looking for an LTE wearable so you can leave you phone in the car and go to dinner without a brick laying on the table or in your pocket while still being connected enough to not miss anything.


Unfortunately Samsung doesn't quite understand this.  Apparently their focus group is simply out of focus with the "Professionals" that are most likely to have and spend the exorbitant amount of money for a miniaturized smart phone on their wrist.


IMHO Tizen is like BMW's iDrive entertainment system.  Both are proprietary and both companies are committed to using it because of the loss they would have to take on R&D if they didn't.   But because of that it has limited compatibility, is clunky, and lacks the ability to adapt to a quickly changing market.  Simply put it's bad business holding on to a bad investment. 


I miss driving BMW i3 and Z4 but I don't miss the iDrive.  It made me feel like I had a cheap knock off a tablet whenever I used it. 


But I digress...


All I want in a wearable is this...what is the must haves for everyone else?

  • LTE with single phone # (offered by most carriers)
  • Blue tooth for phone pairing when not on LTE and for headset.
  • Phone & SMS
  • Full support for Spotify (including downloaded playlists), WhatsApp & GoogleMaps

I know a lot of other people like the health tracking.  I think that is bonus and most likely a default feature but also I have found that it is more gimmicky then actually beneficial.  


P.S. Convert your entire Bixby team to key application support.  Trust me they will be happier and your customers will be happier.


This needs to be addressed by whats app not Samsung. Whatsapp need to push out an update to resolve this as they make the app to work with Samsung devices not the other way around. As Samsung is not propitiatory owner of whatsapp any changes made will be against the terms of usage of whatsapp so i would suggest you speak to them in this instance to allow the pannel to show more than just one message.

Anyone knows if also the gear s3 will be update for this feature?

Hi All,
I understand your frustration, but keep in mind that Whatsapp is not a Samsung app. As wyse_terminal explained, what features, how they work, etc. are not under TIZEN or Samsung's remit, but Whatsapp's. It's the same for Google Maps, Spotify, or any other 3rd party app.
Just think about any windows app, it's not Microsoft who decides how it works (programs, games, etc.), but the developer of that specific app.
If you are referring to Samsung developed(owned) apps(Samsung Internet, Samsung Notes, Samsung Health, Samsung Pay, etc.), then yes, you are right, Samsung can change/update/add support for features/requests - you can address that via email or by leaving feedback.

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I have an apple watch, that doesn't "yet" have a stand alone WhatsApp app.




The NirAvr method is not entirely correct.


You can see image on galaxy watch when:


-The image is the only new message or the firstone in the WhatsApp chat

-Turn Off Edge lighting notification WhatsApp 


1 - From the Home screen, swipe up or down to access the Apps screen

2 - Touch Settings

3 - Touch Display

4 - Navigate to and touch Edge screen

5 - Touch Edge lighting

6 - Touch Manage notifications

7 - Disable Edge lighting notification slider WhatsApp



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Hello All, 


I will now tell you all a bit of true about Samsung smart watches...I have been testing one for now 3 weeks lets say...

My main problem is whats APP as you cannot receive calls...and use is very limitted, and I will tel you all why.


Samsung smart watches Os is TINZEN which is classed a closed plataform with not much support to developers, (but cheaper for samsung). So if one developer works for samsung 2 years with TInzen, and then decide to leave samsung...Where is this guy goingf to work ? Theres not much people out there using the probability of Whats app develop a version for the samsung whatches with all the functionalities are almost 0%.

Then you (microsoft)..and all others.


If you want a smart watch with good support find one with Ware OS (which is the androind for smart watches), this ones will have whats app on its full functionalities.


Hope that opened your minds on regards to TINZEN smart wathches.


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