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Galaxy watch & whatsapp


Hi I got my new rose gold samsung watch yesterday and cannot seem to get my WhatsApp notifications or messages on it. I cant find any information on it on the internet or if there is a 3rd party to use. Can you help please.

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start your wearable app, make sure that the watch is connected, open Notifications, read very clearly the first 3 options and set up accordingly.

i dont have the app in front of me so i have to paraphrase on the first 3 questions...

1. notify  only when wearing the watch... when this is on... you will not get any notifications as long as you hold your watch in your hand or its on the table in front of you... remember its a smart watch... it knows if you wear it!!! i suggest you turn this off.

2. notify when the phone is on, here is suggest that you turn it off. when you chat with someone you dont want to have constantly the watch notifcations since you already hold the phone in your hand.

3. atomatically turn on notifications for all newly installed apps..., i suggest you also turn that on, since when you dont want notificaitons from a particular app, you can anytime turn them off in the background.


hope that helps.


Here's a Support page which could help to solve this issue:


Thanks guys!

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Works only for messages. When getting a voice call on Whatssap the Watch does nothing. Why?

See Page 13 of this thread (10/7/2019), doesn't seem like anything has changed unfortunately.


I know I'm late to this thread but I figured it out : 

Go to Galaxy wearable


Recently sent  and then see all 

On top you will see ," most recent", click on that and you choose " all" . Abd then individually click on apps you want  


I want WhatsApp on my watch how do I get it?


@Blackcloud wrote:

Hi all, go to samsung wearable app > notifications > show while using phone. This will push your whatsapp notifications to your watch.


It worked for me on the new LTE watch

THIS WORKS!!!! Thank you so much! Something so simple but was winding me up for ages.  This is the answer, peeps. 


Hoping someone can help 


I got the 46mm LTE version yday. Checked the WhatsApp slider in the wearables app. Started to get messages on the watch striaght away and could reply no bother., I get messages, no reply options. When I click the message it completely crashes the watch! Glitches out, time resets and everything. Any help would be great. It will go back if it can not be fixed as all my family use WhatsApp specifically.


How to get notification from whatsApp on gear s3 from an iphone 11?


hi // can you share with me how u manage the galaxy watch settings or or at the phone settings 


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