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Galaxy Watch Active Swimming tracking

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Hi, is there any way to change the pool length before starting the workout on the watch? Also I was not able to change it afterwards in the app on my phone. It tracked my workout with a pool length of 25m but actually the pool is only 17m long...


I did read somwhere that there may be a big new release coming out for the Active, and one of teh features could be automatic swim detection. Looking forward to trying that if so.

Been using mine for a while now, and it is usually accurate to within about 1 length on say 70, so long as I touch pool end (as mentioned). I also press the Backbutton after the first 2 or 4 lengths and then it starts buzzing and showing breif summary on each pair of lengths. Careful not to press too long though as it puts it into Pause mode.


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So I used the swim.com app with the Active and it was completly accurate. Says I did 800 yards when I swan 800 yards. I could not find a way to pause the app while I swan becuase I usually do 3 groups of 300 yards and take a pause in between the groups. Anyways, I really like the swim.com app.


I have downloaded the update but the issue is still there don't they test thses things 


I've been having the same problem with my Samsung 42mm watch.
Lengths are not correctly counted. But in my past two swims, It has counted my lengths correctly. Here are the steps I did. Not sure if this will fix the problems that you guys have been experiencing.

I selected a watch face that only show's the most basic info - time and date.

On the connection settings, I turned off WIFI, Bluetooth, NFC and Location.


This fixed my problem in the last two workouts I did. Even if I put the watch on pause during the workout, It still measured my swim correctly. 


I have the 46mm Galaxy watch. We have a 10m pool but I swim stationary using a bungie cord belt (of my own design) and use padles, snorkle and short fins to increase resistance. Normally, I swim based on stroke counts (easier to monitor and keeps my mind occupied) but it would be nice for the watch to accurately measure calories burned. Currently for a 30 minute workout it says I burn 34 calories. Of course, it doesn't measure distance correctly as I am not actually moving.

Normally, I am an open water swimmer who back in the day was a triathlete so trained that waybusually in lakes. My typical workout is to mix up breast stroke with freestyle. Every other day I do fartleks with 10 strokes freestyle (counting left arm only) swam easy, 10 swum intense and 5 strokes recovery and switch to breast with the same intervals. I keep that up for 500 strokes. I then disgard the snorkel and switch to rescue back stroke (what I competed with normally as I am as fast as freestyle using this stroke although blind) for 100 strokes I end it with freestyle kicks for 25 kicks and 25 dolphin kicks for 25 kicks then finish with 25 strokes leisure pace breast stroke. I try and keep my pulse relatively low as I suffer from exercise induced arrythmia which occurs when my heart rate exceeds 130 bpm. I think that is a sequelae to my running training when I tried to raise my anaerobic threshold using intense fartleks. It resulted in megacardia and did in fact raise my anaerobic threshold by 20%. However, the consequence later in life (I am 66) is exercise induced arrythmia. My resting pulse back in the day was usually under 50 bpm but now averages 51 bpm. I still cycle a lot (mostly mountain biking) but no running due to lack of cartilage in both knees. I have refused knee replacements.

So, my question is how to set up the watch to track this type of workout. My easy day workouts are 50 strokes moderate pace then switch strokes until I hit 500 strokes finish with moderate back stroke. I end up with counts like 34 calories burned so for me this watch is useless for tracking swim training.

This is great. I had the multiple work outs widget and couldn't get it to work. Now I just have the single work out tab and fix the issue. Thanks for the advice
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