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Galaxy Watch Active Swimming tracking

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Hi, is there any way to change the pool length before starting the workout on the watch? Also I was not able to change it afterwards in the app on my phone. It tracked my workout with a pool length of 25m but actually the pool is only 17m long...


I have a 46mm Galaxy watch, it is useless at accurately recording swim sessions, I swim five days a week and it misses lengths every day, sometimes a few, but in recent weeks it sometimes doesn't even record a single length, yet records the time and heart rate, this is very annoying. 


Mine never counts correctly, it counts always at least 4 more swimming pools... My husband have a iwatch and is always correct... You're rigth it's very annoyng... Have samsung already answer you problem?


I haven´t workout for a while but today I went in to the pool and the configuration didn´t work for me.


During the training I have tried every single combination that crossed my mind, with a target based on lengths and a target based on time and also with "Guide Frecuency" based on both lengths and time... and nothing went on the screen during the activity.


Surpringly, I have tried a configuration based on time for both the target (5 mins) and the "Guide Frequency" (2 mins) out of the pool and my watch did show both things on the screen when the time came... So it seems something related with the behaviour of the watch when it is working inside the pool... Any clue about what is happening and what can I do to solve this problem?


Regards (and thanks in advance),


PS BossHoggUK: Do you hace the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active or the Galaxy Watch?


I have a Galaxy Watch Active.

It seemes to work for me, though a few days back it seemed to only record about 75% of lengths (honest!).

I do find it is way too easy to put it into Pause mode when pressing the back button to wake it up.

Also I find that it records best if I slap the end of the pool each length... would be nice to have some guidance on what hand movement or gesture it is looking for to determine lengths.

After the pair of lengths I'm usually into my next stroke before it buzzes and tries to display summary, so does take a few seconds to 'catch up'.

Hope this helps.


Mine is also not counting pool lenghts correctly.

I have tried Samsung Swim app as well as app and both have the same problem, which I believe is dependent on how Samsung sensors detect each pool lenght. It is especially bad when you use breaststroke for the first 25 meters and then front crawl for the second 25 meters.


The other very annoying feature is is that even if you have have configured your screen to use "Always On" mode, once you launch swim app and start swimming the screen goes dark. What part of "Always On" it couldn't understand?


And then the WiFi notification comes on every time I come close to the shallow end. Do I really care if my watch is connected to WiFi or not when I swim?


All I want is for the watch to count pool lengths accurately and provide enough information when I glance at it (without a need to press any buttons or twist the bezel). Is it really too much to ask for?



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I have a Galaxy watch active too. Mine is quite accurate with the number of lengths, it's usually correct or by one or two.
These things work best for me:
1. Touch the side of the pool at the end of each length, with the watch hand. Raising the wrist seems to help. This also works for the Gear Fit pro 2.
2. Try not to stop during the length, if you do, it will add another length.
3. As for the app pool length issue, try the app for the watch, not a perfect solution, but it does go down to 10m pools.

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I just purchased a Galaxy Watch Active to replace my Garmin VivoActive HR and I guess I should have read this first becuase tracking swimming is a big deal to me. Does the Swim.Com app improve the length tracking experience?


I find the app to be a little more accurate, than the Samsung health. Neither are perfect, it's a good idea to keep a mental track of your lengths, just in case. You can link the app to their website, but I've never bothered to do it.


For me the watch is quite accurate. I use to swim 1.000 m on a 25m pool (40 laps) and the error is normaly between 0 to 1 laps (being 1 lap the most common). I wear the watch on the right arm because I use to hit the wall with that hand (I learned that with my old Tomtom runner 2) 


On the other hand I have found a way to see the screen of the watch during the swimming sessions:




I used the watch for the first time today swimming and it was ok with samsung health. I swam 950m and it says I swam 1025m. I have the watch on my left hand and touch the wall with my left hand. I am going to try the app tomorrow.

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