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Galaxy Watch Active Swimming tracking

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Hi, is there any way to change the pool length before starting the workout on the watch? Also I was not able to change it afterwards in the app on my phone. It tracked my workout with a pool length of 25m but actually the pool is only 17m long...

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If you active the widget workouts and then click workouts it opens all the fitness apps and settings

It only allows pools bigger than 20 m.
Is there going to be an update to allow the pool lenght to be 12.5 meters?


I'm considering this watch and monitoring swimming activities is an important issue for me (Im doing it right now with a TomTom), in your experience, Is the Samsung Watch Active accurate recording the number of laps?

Thanks in advance. 


Ive just tried it for the first  time in a 25m pool. In my honest  assment, no, if fitness tracking is what you want, get a Garmin. 


I found i had to wait 5 seconds after each length for it to register the length, and i did 36, with the watch somehow only logging 31.


I use it in my 12m pool every day, and have same issue as reported. Cannot add a swimming Widget on its own (as suggested for other Samsun watches), it is part of Workout widget only.

I just live with having to half the distance shown (and it thinks I'm a really fast swimmer!!).


I find it sometimes misses a length (over say 60 lengths), so not clear whether it is a particular arm movement it is looking for or if I should slap the pool end each time. Would be good to get some explanation of how best to make it register every turn.

After the first few lengths it starts vibrating and showing stats for a few seconds after each pair of lengths, which I find great... no need to press buttons (as sometimes these can make it go to 'paused').


I have tried it once with pretty good results. While wearing it on my left arm it recorded one extra lap, but after changing it to the right arm there was no fault. I used to have the same issue with my old TomTom Spark, so it must be something related with my (lack of) technique.

The Watch also recorded with no errors the style and the pool length (25m). I have no mode to check it with another device, but the hearth rate seems reasonable too. 

It surprises me the few battery it consumes, only 3% per 25 minutes of swimming.

On the other hand I couldn't check the screen without pressing the buttons. Next time I will try to put the screen on "Always on" Mode.

Overall, after only one use, I'm very happy with the performance. 


At the end it seems that it is not possible to check the statistics on the phone during a swimming session without pressing the button... That is highly dissapointing as it reduces very significantly the usability of the watch.


On the other hand it makes no sense to configure the screens of the visualization if you are not going to be able to check them during the exercise. From my point of view it seems as if the software were not well finished.


I would love if my Galaxy Watch Active would do so ("showing stats for a few seconds after each pair of lengths"). Do you know which setting shoud I have?


Thanks in advance!


All I did was...

  • Added "Workout" as a widget
  • Click on Workout button, once loaded click on Swimming (pool) Settings (cog wheel)
  • I have target set as 70 Lengths at present, but it also worked when I had it set to defaulr "Basic Workout"
  • At bottom of list there is "Guide Frequency" - This had defaulted for me to Lengths (Every 2 lengths) 

On swimming outdoors, the default guid frequency I noted was "none" so maybe selecting Swimming (Pool) may help?

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