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Galaxy Watch Active inaccuracies.


 Got my galaxy active last week on release date in UK , 21st March and was so excited to get going,  but so far I'm a little disappointed.  Coming from Fitbit I kind of expected Samsung to be, more accurate and straightforward, but as I have seen others have mentioned, my sleep has failed to track at all ,once,  given me 2hrs recorded sleep twice , and a longer sleep than actually happened once? What's this about,  Fitbit was pretty much on the ball with steps , exercise and sleep but so far Galaxy watch active has fallen short . I've just watched my steps increase while sitting still , and it's also rarely recognizes taking the stairs.    I also find the Samsung health random and hard to get around , but I guess that will get easier with time . 
Ive connected Samsung health to The Under Armour set of apps (map my run , walk , fitness pal ) but it constantly needs reconnecting which is a real nuisance - this happens whatever device - phone or tablet - that I use . Does anyone else have any advice?


I've also come from a Fitbit and had the same issues. The sleep tracking seems poot, mines only been showing about 20-30 mins of deep sleep where my Fitbit showed more like 1hr30. The heart rate was also way out while I was working out, either seemed to be 20-30bpm or often failed to pick up a HR 

It's a nice little watch but with the poor battery life and hit and miss fitness I'm going back to Fitbit 

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Hi There, 


im having exactly the same problem. I only bought this active watch last week but it’s way out on most things. 

Last week I played a round of golf which was around 14k steps, I’ve played it today and notices that it wasn’t recording all of my steps, at the end of the round it had only logged 8k steps. The sleep monitor is a farce and I think the heart rate is well out as well.

The watch looks and feels great so I’m gutted about this, the only other watch to get now would be an iwatch, unless Samsung can provide some sort of an update. 

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