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Galaxy Watch Active - Early Impressions (Issues)

(Topic created on: 01-08-2019 08:44 AM)

A few things to note from various several weeks of wear, compared to a Fitbit and Garmin I’ve had previously. I also previously had a Samsung Watch (late last year) and had the exact same issues, I thought it was faulty (it was a 42mm and the battery wouldn’t last a day) so returned it pretty quickly! I’m gutted to see that nothing has really changed in nearly a year…


-  No native way of tracking canoe/kayak workouts, so I’ve been using Strava on my phone for that


-  Workouts on a bike continue to record steps at an alarming rate. Surely if the watch knows you’re doing a cycling workout (because I’ve told it so) it shouldn’t falsely register a lot of that movement as steps and add that to your daily count? I average 5000 steps in the working week, I hit 12,000 yesterday despite doing nothing different aside from cycling to work instead of driving.


- Strava integration with Samsung Health is beyond a joke. It typically takes anywhere between 12-36 hours to transfer the data across (Fitbit did this near instantly), I’m still waiting for workouts from yesterday to transfer.


- Sleep recording leaves a lot to be desired compared to the Fitbit algorithm. We often settle down to watch TV on the sofa for an hour in the evening and it will start recording my sleep from then on, I’m sat up drinking tea etc and it thinks I’m asleep! It’s also frequently continued to record sleep after I’ve got up, worryingly most days that includes 20 minutes + when I’ve taken the watch off and put it on charge…


I have a Galaxy Note 9 so integration with the phone itself is fine, no issues there. Heart rate data also seems to be pretty reasonable.

I have the same issue with the cycling and extra steps. Drives me mad and makes Samsung Health useless as an activity tracker. I definitely did not do 20,000 steps today.

Come on Samsung, this is clearly an issue. Acknowledge it and fix it.

@ukaskew wrote:


-  No native way of tracking canoe/kayak workouts, so I’ve been using Strava on my phone for that


I record this as Cycling on my watch, which records GPS location.  When it eventually syncs to Strava, I change it to kayaking there.

First Poster

So I guess two years now, yet still not able to track kayak via galaxy watch. 

The integration with iphone also sucks. 

Should have bought an iwatch instead.