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Galaxy watch active activity detection


I've upgrade my galaxy watch to galaxy watch active and noticed that the "Active" has worse activity detection than regular galaxy watch. Galaxy watch was able to automaticaly detect a workout when I'm played ping-pong for example but the "Active" does not detect it.

And there are different values of activity minutes on phone in samsung health app and on the watch, on the phone is 19 active minutes but watch display 0... the calories value is the same.

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I have the same problem.  My Galaxy s7 always auto-detected more than 10 mins of walking. The Galaxy Watch Active does not pick up at all, so is showing me as doing less activity rather than more than just carrying my phone! I have set auto-detect for walking, running, dynamic. HR monitor is picking up moderate to high HR but nothing registering on the activity scale.  Very disappointing, I may have to return. 


I found the auto detection was a bit hit and miss. Walking it seemed to work fine but Ifni stopped for about 2 minutes it's stopped it then re started, which is quite frustrating when one walk shows as about 5 . I've had issues with the heart rate and sleep tracking too. My HR was up around 170 during a HIIT and the watch was showing 130. Way out! Gone back to Fitbit 

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