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Galaxy watch active 2 not recording resting HR

I got my Active 2 Friday. It recorded my resting HR Friday from when I put it on and Saturday. Woke up Sunday and resting heart rate just had two lines. It was like that all day yesterday and now today. I spoke with Samsung Support and did all the troubleshooting. But it's still not recording resting HR. It did have a software update Saturday. Not sure if that's what happened? Any tips?

Same problem here as well. After connecting with Samsung chat I reset the phone and reinstalled Samsung health but seems like the same problem still exists. Since June 13th 2019 no resting heart rate visible in the trend section on Samsung health.  How can it take such a long time to fix this?? It did work before that date ok...

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Did anyone find a fix for this? I bought my Active 2 watch a week ago and looking at the Samsung Health App, a resting heart rate measurement has only been taken 3 times. I have tried sitting still, have it on continous measurement. So for the last few days, I get the annoying "--" for RHR.


I've contacted Samsung online chat but they don't know. I just need information for how the watch records a resting heart rate. Interestingly, the 3 readings it took at the start of the week gradually got lower so I'm just wondering if it ignores anything which isn't less than the last reading.


Do you have it set to continuously measure? And I had to reset my watch. But now it's fine. 

Yeah, I have it on continuous and I reset it yesterday. It recorded a RHR fairly quickly but nothing for 24 hours

Mine usually shows RHR after being awake for a few hours. 

Thanks. I can go a few days with nothing, so I just don't understand why its not recording a RHR. The heart rate reading is working fine. Its just doesn't like to take a resting heart rate reading.


So just wondering what activates the watch to take a RHR measurement.

Same here got new galaxy watch 3 days ago all heart rate data missing except general. Also doesnt record floors climbed. Always been a samsung guy, but apple dont seem to have the same issues. Apparently Samsung have known about the issue since 2018. Have a chat session logged where basically samsung say it's a problem with the software. Is this not selling under false pretences knowingly selling a product that basically doesnt work properly.

Hi all. Has anyone got a fix for this ye . It's very annoying! Thanks. 

Same here. First day it worked. Next day it didn't. Talked with tech support they had me reset the whole watch. It worked for 1 day and quite working again the next day. I am not going to factory reset my watch everyday. 

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