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Galaxy watch active 2 not recording resting HR

I got my Active 2 Friday. It recorded my resting HR Friday from when I put it on and Saturday. Woke up Sunday and resting heart rate just had two lines. It was like that all day yesterday and now today. I spoke with Samsung Support and did all the troubleshooting. But it's still not recording resting HR. It did have a software update Saturday. Not sure if that's what happened? Any tips?

Hi all,

I've had the watch now just under 2months. The resting HR information has vastly improved. It records it on average 6 days out of 7. It generally only takes a resting heart rate measurement when I've been sat down and relaxing for generally 10mins or more. I have the heart rate monitor set to continuous monitoring. I would reccommend to stick with it and see if it imporves. 


@Tra41 the watch doesn't show resting heart all day. Mine shows up daily though. 



Mine is set to continuous. I have found something interesting though. If I put the watch on the charger over night and put it on when I wake up it will record a resting heart rate with in a hour. If I wear the watch all night to monitor my sleep it will not give a resting heart rate at all the next day. So there is a glitch in the software because I shouldn't have to choose between monitoring my resting heart rate and sleep 

Samsung Software is a freaking desaster in general. Same issue here with resting HR not showing up anymore. Get this fixed!


Other fails include but are not limited to: sync with health app is very unreliable, you have to download workout instructions every time you're doing a workout even if you had done this one before, downloads are super slow, animated stick figures should actually show the workout exercise on the watch as I don't wanna get the phone out each time, there is actually a missing nav item to get to the samsung store in the galaxy wearable app and you have to missuse the back button, graphing capabilities in the heath app are whack as you can't zoom in or show more than two values at the same time. And for the sake of it, give us access to all the sensor data like blood oxygen. Even if your missing FCC approval, I'm even willing to sign a disclaimer for getting access to it. While we're at it please add surfing to workouts (the one with the waves)


I'm super disappointed, this is my first samsung device and it will probably be my last. I feel like I spend a ton of money for an old prototype or proof of concept. Samsung, get your QA / QC in line! 

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