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Galaxy Watch Active 2 - Music app battery drain

(Topic created on: 05-10-2020 10:16 PM)
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Hi there,

I have a galaxy Watch Active 2 (not LTE) and since the new update my battery life has been terrible. I realised today it is the watch music app that now turns on whenever I have spotify, YouTube or twitch on. I never use the music app as I have spotify downloaded. There is no setting to turn it off so it just drains the battery really quickly. I'd have to turn off bluetooth which defeats the purpose of a smart watch. 

Is there a chance that we can get a disable button on the music app?

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I am really glad you posted this, I thought I was going mad. I don't use the music app, but today it had used nearly 50% of my battery. I don't know how to prevent it. Please someone help 

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I have exactly the same problem. I don't use the music app on my watch, but it keeps showing its jumping symbol at the bottom of the watch when playing music/radio with my connected smartphone.

I checked the battery usage of this app today, and it has used 38% (!) since last full charge...

Lastly, the reason why I don't use this music app is because it doesn't work at all.

Hopefully these issues will be fixed!

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I have the same problem. 1 hour usage of TuneInRadio drains 25% battery.

The TuneInRadio app is running on my phone. Bluetooth audio is connected to the phone. 

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Yep, me too. Clearly a bug in new software. I also don't do anything with music on my watch yet 58% of crazy fast battery drain is attributed to music...

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Exactly the same issue here. Has anyone got a workaround to stop the music app automatically coming on when I play music, listen to the radio or watch you tube on my phone? How can it be disabled?


Same here...
Music app is draining phone battery very quickly, using around 50% of battery time.

I'm not playing music anywhere.

Have rebooted the phone.

Have rebooted the watch and reset it.


Something is going on.


Clearly there is a major issue here!
How/ where do we get this reported?

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I'm having the same issue. I do actually use the Music app (it's great for hitting pause or skipping around quickly from your wrist) and so I don't want to disable it, but there clearly seems to be some issue causing battery drain since the last update.


I work outside all day long as an electric meter reader.  I walk nearly 12km (7,5 miles) per day and I listen talk radio through TuneIn with bluetooth in ears headphones.  Before the update, the Galaxy Active 2 start the day at 100% and it fall to 80% when I came home (nearly 8 hours).  Bluetooth on, wifi off, heart beat monitor always on, steps on and facer application running for faces.

After the update....   coming home, watch battery level....  = 28%.   

On weekend, no listening to any audio and the watch behave like normal.

Do they test their software before release or are we the Beta tester.

Something have to be fix.  Now let see how much time it will take.


I forgot something, the music app overload the chip, so the watch is now sluggish.  When swipping for notification, clearly, the watch react much slower.