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Galaxy Watch Active 2 Heart rate issues

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Just wondering if anyone is having any similar issues to me re the heart rate tracking or could advise further.


Only got the watch a few days ago, but I've noticed I don't get a resting heart rate measurement for each day? It tracks my heart rate throughout the day but never gives me a RHR reading.


Also, I've just been swimming with the watch today, and the didn't track my heart rate at all - the sensor doesn't even light up on the back when I start a pool workout. Does anyone know if the watch is meant to be able to track when swimming? If so - any advice anyone can give?


I have the watch set to measure HR continuously too.


Cheers everyone!

I had already done this. As had most of the other posters. Glad it works for you but for me it was a piece of $_&# with latency. I need it to accurately measure and display my heart rate while I am spinning not be 5 ten twenty seconds or even minutes behind. Totallyy random. Either I and everyone else posting on this for ***** watches or you are posting as a fanboy. Totally not necessary if you would read our posts. Should I concede there are manufacturing inconsistencies instead.

Same here...I don't have RHR some days and no data on after - exercise HR which is crazy as I did runs on a number of days! Any ideas if I am missing a trick or something in settings? Or how long do I have to return it?


The problem is also that having a NON consistent HR reading through the day even the stress level is inconsistent. I have my stress level ALL day at maximum level even if I am relaxing only because sometimes the watch read 120 / 150 bpm when I'm sitting on the desk. I'm sure it is a software issue but I think it's also time to fix it


During vigorous exercise my active 2 reaches over 200bpm! I am 32 years old and quite fit overall,exercising 3 times a week.

Fitbits used to used show 180 at peaks. Polar ignite similarly.

This got me concerned that if it is indeed true I might die of a heart attack. I purchsse polar h10 heart monitor which shows 180 max, while samsung watch shows 210, once even showed 220...

This is frankly ridiculous... i will try to replace for another model. Maybe it will help...


Mine doesn't read accurately unless I'm completely still. For example while rowing the HR climbs to 130, then declines over a few minutes all the way to 70BPM. When I come to a stop it will finally jump almost instantly to 170BPM where it should be, then when I start moving again the cycle repeats. Absolutely useless as a fitness tracker. So much for the "active" part... 

Thanks guys. Still inconsistency with HR which was my main need from it. Have been into the support centre and they recommend returning it for def !!
I highly doubt the watch is defective..and I feel that is a lame solution. It sounds like they won't acknowledge the problem unless they start receiving returns . Why should the consumer have to go thru all that? Just please fix it Samsung.

They've said they're not concerned with accuracy. I don't expect them to start caring until people stop buying them. For me, it's just a nudge closer to going all in on iOS. 

The Watch Is "software" defected . Nota hardware

I agree.  Love Samsung phones but hate the watches.  

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