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Galaxy Watch Active 2 Heart rate issues

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Just wondering if anyone is having any similar issues to me re the heart rate tracking or could advise further.


Only got the watch a few days ago, but I've noticed I don't get a resting heart rate measurement for each day? It tracks my heart rate throughout the day but never gives me a RHR reading.


Also, I've just been swimming with the watch today, and the didn't track my heart rate at all - the sensor doesn't even light up on the back when I start a pool workout. Does anyone know if the watch is meant to be able to track when swimming? If so - any advice anyone can give?


I have the watch set to measure HR continuously too.


Cheers everyone!

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I have owned Galaxy watches over the last few years in the film that the pulse is almost always an error. But I succumbed and tried something new this morning. I turned my watch so that the back of it is contacting the back of my arm, where the veins and arteries are much closer to the surface. Bingo! The pulse function seems to be working far more effectively


I purchased an active 2 watch today. I've owned several other watches and bands, so I have a pretty good idea of what to expect from a smartwatch. This one though, seems to not measure heartrate at any point during the day, unless I manually start a measurement. On the watch fase, which shows HR, it just shows the last measured HR value ... forever. Even after a power off and then back on, just shows an old value. Until I manually do something with it. I have it set to measure every 10 minutes in the settings. Any ideas how to get this to measure by itself? Seems to be working fine during a workout or if I set it to measure continuously. But since battery life is far from great, I would like this to take measurements in 10 minute intervals...

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Ialos bought opne yesturday - this morinng, on my run the Samsung Health App keep telling me I was goiungtoo fast(I was not), and it kept telling me to slow down. I also noticed my heart was 180! My true resting heart rate is about 50. 


So i wonder if the heart rate told the Samsung Health app that my heart rate was too high...!


Anyway, it was not a good start as I was happy to see how easily everytyhing syncedd with my phone.

My expeince wiuth fitbit was not good.


I hope they sort this out.





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Hey there,


Just got my Active Watch 2 (AW2) yesterday and I'm somewhat disappointed with the Heart rate (HR)-measurement. During the night, the watch was able to record my heart rate once in 6h 40min which is not good.


When I initiate the manual resting HR-measurement, it always gives me nice curve with clear peak and valleys that correspond to the difference between the systolic and diastolic pressure in my  arteries [1]. Nevertheless, the device fails to give me a readout for 50-70% of the times I've used the Manual HR measurement.


If I put my AW2 on continuous measurement while being idle at home, it will most often give me a HR that is roughly two times faster real value (measured by feeling the pulse). That is, my normal rest pulse is around 43 BPM and my  AW2 gives a number between 80 and 90 BPM.


Surprisingly, when I went for a run yesterday evening the pulse measurement seemed to be  responsive as long as I was running or walking.  In the figure below you can see the HR-measurement reacting to the 4 x sprint and a walk that I took in the end. I did not have a chest strap to compare the accuracy, but at least I'm satisfied with its responsiveness.


In the end of the work out, I ran two floors up (Stair sprint) before hitting my bed. As you can see, the HR-measurement went havoc right after I stopped moving (the arrow). Instead of following my decreasing HR, AW2 started creeping up to the 140 BPM until it came crushing down to the accurate value 65 BMP.


I'm surprised that measuring the rest HR can be so challenging for the device. Do you think this is something that could be improved with a software update?


Cheers, P




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I have exactly the same issue. During a workout it's ok, but while being idle, it just goes havoc and starts reporting too high values.


I ended up using my Active 2 for it's smartwatch capabilities. Unfortunately!

I bought it for tracking my workout but the innacuracies drove me nuts. Thank God I bought this on an offer but it was still expensive. I actually pre-ordered it so I got to experience the incapabilities of this watch first hand.


I really wanted a fitness tracker, thus the name Active, and I was sure that Samsung has the technology to achieve this. I mean, they keep people from buying fitness trackers after they just started believing in them. WHY ?

Please deliver a complete and functional product especially for the money you're asking for. I understand this is the evolution of things to come, but if you're in the "process" please don't ask a premium for it.

Despite the 4-5 Updates they released on this watch, I didn't notice any difference and sometimes it keeps crashing and restarting, a problem that they could never solve. (Because of bad hardware-decisions) ?


They released this product because they were not sure if it's going to sell by making it inferior but they liked the high price-tag considering the brandname it carries.



I really want to like this watch but I also bought a Garmin 245 Music to compare and the thing knows me. GWA2 is such a great smart watch but WHY after YEARS can't they deliver a decent fitness tracker. I had the Gear S3 from like 2016 until it died from water damage despite claims of water resistance - what does this do better than that watch? Nothing!


Dude, you choose a running coach activity. If you don't want pace guidance, you need to choose the standard Run, not Adaptive Coach or whatever it's called. You call dial in a faster program if you prefer. 


Or the Active, Or the Galaxy Watch, S3, S2 and Sport. They honestly don't seem to care about fitness beyond its ability to sell devices. I was disappointed to discover my new GWA2 44mm is rather slow... turns out they're using the same processor and RAM as my now broken, 4 year old Gear S3 - which still got all the same software updates. What a joke. 


I put it on manual and it refuses to measure heart rate.  I moved it to several locations along my arm without any success.

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