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Galaxy watch active 2 and Samsung Ultra-Thin Wireless Charger

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I've just got a galaxy watch active 2 and I would like the use the Samsung Ultra-Thin Wireless Charger that I'm currently using with my galaxy note 10+


When I try to charge the watch on the same pad, the light flash red and the watch does not charge (It's charging fine with its own cable from a pc USB port)


As power supplier, I'm using the original note 10+ super-fast charging attached to the Ultra-Thin Wireless Charger.


Are the pad and the watch compatible?

It might be the charger too strong?


Thank you for your help.


@Ostage: The Ultra-Thin Wireless Charger appears to only be compatible with Smartphones featuring fast charging capabilities, and doesn't list any wearables in the compatible devices list. If you'd like to charge the Active 2 wirelessly then I recommend checking out Wireless PowerShare on your Note 10+ - simply swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom, select Wireless PowerShare from the Quick Settings menu, then place the Active 2 on the centre of your Note10+ with their backs facing. Alternatively, check out the standalone wireless charger via the link below.

😞 Ok, thank you for the explanation

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