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Galaxy watch 5 pro

(Topic created on: 14-06-2023 03:21 PM)
Hi I bought galaxy watch 5 pro with relase of s23u, previously i used watch 3 46 and never had a problem to reach 3and a half days with continously heart rate monitor and other features excluding aod. I am really disappointment of gw5pro battery after this few months. Since last 2 weeks My battery draining so quick, I have to charge it every day even i switched off most features, its sad to buy flagship samsung watch and use it as watch only... Does anyone know if samsung warranty will replace battery in my gw5pro? It schould least 3 full days and now i hav a problem to reach 24hours witch bluetooth and other things switched off... Before someone ask, yes i did factory reset and it doesn't help, it looks like battery in my gw died and its worst every day (nothing special as every recharging in a full battery cycle...) 
Send samsung a message in the support section of the Samsung Members app with your battery concerns. You shouldn't have to start turning functions off to last a day, mine is currently on 80% and states over 4 days battery left.
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@Pawellach  Yes reach out to Support, the Battery of the Watch 5 pro is more powerful and should certainly be more impressive than the  Galaxy watch 3.

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

My Device- S21 Ultra 5G ( SM-998B/DS ) CSC= BTU , 12GB/256GB
One Ui 5.1,Android 13 .

My general experience/use

5 Pro Lte here 👋

I am using every... absolutely every facility given in the watch

1 Don't check how much battery left or used

2.. I normally have shower in the morning and dump the watch for charging

3 Almost all times I have a Bath in the evening/occasionally shower, and dump the silly thing for a charge again

I bought it together with S22 Ultra when it came out, I had never seen how much battery I used, it's not even in my head..

I do the same with the phone too, when not in use, I normally dump it on the contactless charger (regardless of battery %)
So both my watch and phone are very happy with meeee.. Because I feed them without asking or crying for it 😂😂👋👋