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Galaxy Watch 5 Pro VO2 & Steps

(Topic created on: 15-08-2023 09:00 AM)
Hi All, using the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro for cycling, running, tennis, walking and hiking.

Does anyone know why the watch ONLY calculates VO2 for running and nothing else. This seems really odd as the watch can obviously record it but for me it doesn't. Is there a setting somewhere or is this a missing feature. Certainly for cycling!!

Next! Why on earth is it the exact same for hiking and tennis when no step count is recorded in the actual fitness event? I would love to know the steps an 8 mile hike took or played 1hr 30m of tennis. Is this a limitation of Samsung?

Any thoughts?

Big Cheese
For the Vo2, mine calculates for walking...but it has to be over a minimum distance... Havnt checked for cycling

Not sure about the step count, suppose my question would be, do you need to record it as a 'hike', recording as walking would give you elevation, GPS, heart rate etc anyway... (This is coming from a non hiker so might be a dumb comment)

With the preset exercise options (like tennis) it's just using certain sensors to monitor and would guess steps is not one of them, but would still record your steps In total on the health app.

Could try creating a custom work out and see if that records itScreenshot_20230820_083750_Samsung Health.jpg