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Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Overheat in LTE only mode

(Topic created on: 08-02-2023 12:27 PM)
Martin Alkema
First Poster


The fact that the Galaxy watches over heat is not a new thing, but I thought I'll tell you about my interaction with this watch and Samsung.

I'm from South Africa, and I got the Watch on a contract at a store not related to Samsung. When i discovered the overheating issue, I phoned Samsung, but they stated, because I got the device at a store not related to Samsung, they can't help me.

So I went through the repair processes of the other store. Each time there advance repaired department couldn't replicate the same issue, but because I had a video of this issue and because the issue was reported within 7 days each time, they just replaced the watch.

So I went through this process 4 times, and all four watches had the same issue.

So I took it up again with Samsung and because it happened 4 times, they took it more serious, but only till a point. Samsung wanted me to take the watch to one of there repair shops, but I told them I can't because the device was bought under contract with a store not related to them. Then Samsung said, "We'll in that case we can't assist you", and they closed the support ticket, without resolving this known issue of overheating.

I did not accept the closing of the ticket, so I opened another support ticket and I explained to Samsung that they can contact the store and request one of the 4 faulty  watches, because I did discuss this to the store manager. So finally Samsung stated that they will contact the unrelated store manager to get one of the faulty devices.

So... where are we now? I don't know, I haven't heard any thing from Samsung yet.

Hopefully they will resolve this issue, because without LTE only mode, the watch is useless to me. So i might switch to Apple. We'll see.






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