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Galaxy watch 5 pro and 3rd party Developers. What's the future Samsung?

(Topic created on: 02-11-2022 04:56 AM)


Above is Apple watch and many gym apps for Apple watch got lots of colour and details, kind of inviting/welcoming to look at in the morning 

In my short time with Galaxy watch 5 pro, I have not seen any Gym app with such details and colours, all look very basic and have to jump from screen to screen to "look for information"
👇, current time is somewhere else, calories somewhere else, rest time somewhere else 

What's gone wrong with Samsung + Galaxy + Developers, as you can see lots of space on the watch face being wasted. 


Not just with health apps am I finding a lack of features... I feel in some ways the phone has gone backwards from its change from its change from Tizen to OS wear... especially as this has been 'developed jointly with Google and Samsung'!
This is my honest opinion, I have been with Apple /Apple watch for many years and then one evening, I decided I should try Galaxy watch

Then when I checked on Google, I saw Galaxy watch 5 was due to come in August, so obviously to use the watch I need an Android phone or better Samsung phone

So I bought S22 Ultra, got used to the system..

Other than the Camera and picture quality, honest to God I didn't see anything wow or amazing, possibly I felt it was behind Apple (I think Apple has absolutely amazing 3rd party apps, same developers with Android are very much behind and their apps are not "rich" as ios versions)

Obviously then came August, bought galaxy watch 5 pro Lte, from Apple watch to this... It was like coming from New York City to the middle of Sahara desert 🏜... Very lonely...nothing.. Absolutely nothing to wow... Again not the watch itself, but very very very poor 3rd party Apps and backup

Samsung should realise this and urgently improve the native Samsung health app and other facilities (hardware is fine)

I will use both for, possibly another one year and I told my cousin sister I will give her the phone and throw out the watch to my locker