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Galaxy watch 5 counting steps during swimming. Stopping auto detect does nothing

(Topic created on: 11-08-2023 05:44 PM)
Swimming slower, still adds steps, doing different swims, still adds steps, turning off auto detect, still - you guessed it, adds steps, turning off permissions, hey ho, still adds steps, pausing steps, still adds steps, turning off sensors, still adds bloody steps!

I raised a ticket with Samsung developers directly and they just said the issue was out of scope. Stupid much? So has anyone found a solution, or do I just need do a swim like normal and subtract +7000 steps and 600cals every day myself in my head?! Absolutely regret wasting £400 on this *****. The galaxy watch 3 gave me no problems, should have brought that one again!

Anyone on here want to buy a second hand Galaxy watch 5....
Galaxy watch 5 pro Lte here... However currently with Apple Ultra

In my experience ' watch 5 pro Lte from hardware point of view, it did a good job but I could never falling love with Samsung health app and lack of 3rd party backup

What you are describing is an absolutely crazy thing to happen

I am sure you may have already done this, if not try a completely factory reset, remove phone software and reinstall, repair the watch with the phone etc

I also assume you are not running Beta software??
Good luck 🤞
Thanks! Nope, no beta software, just the standard rubbish from Samsung is running. I should have gone with the Garmin like I wanted, now I have to live with the mistake. I've done a factory reset and it's still counting steps for no reason - 😒