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galaxy watch 46mm ( SM-R800 ) heartrate stops every morning.

(Topic created on: 24-07-2023 11:00 AM)

hi, my galaxy watch SM-R800 46mm heartrate stops working every morning.

it records the sleep data and when I wake up, the heartrate sensor and greenlight hangs and stops working.

when I manually go into heartrate app, there is no greenlight,   then there is a first bar up or down and then straight line for heart diagram. I will take screenshot or video recording next time it hangs.

I tried resetting the device , removing other heartrate apps , removing some of watch faces... nothing works.  after doing factory reset and restoring backup , the greenlight starts working again till next morning . 

also tried putting device into power saving mode , and coming back , no result. 

tried putting device into watch only mode , and coming back. no result.

tried going into the   testing mode *#0*#  , there is no reading of HR sensor there too when the greenlight does not work.

also doing a shutdown with that red icon in power menu , and turning on the device again didn't help

the strange thing is that I read today here that holding power button for 7 seconds and doing a reboot , fixes this issue and after reboot green light starts working again thankfully ! 

so why does it hang each night after I wake up ? does it freeze while the phone wants to change the mode from sleep to normal mode?   it's making me crazy 😐 

also all the apps on phone and watch are update. ( apps and firmwares ) 

also I didn't install any new apps recently. but last month maybe 45 days ago I updated to this firmware version. it was working fine. and now this is happening 2-3 weeks after installing latest firmware update.  

any suggestions?


software info: R800XXU1GWE2

Build Number : R800XXU1GWE2
Tizen version : Tizen
Release Date : 2023-05-17
• Stability and reliability
Sensor behavior has been improved.


one ui - 2  

knox 2.5.0

knox tizen : 2.5.0

se for tizen : 2.0.0

TIMA : 3.0.0


last night the watch battery got low, I did a recharge, after picking it from the stand , heart sensor and greenlight does not work again. and this time , the reboot with holding power botton and even factory reset didn't bring it back to life.🙄


photo_2023-07-26_00-11-38.jpgthis is the picture of heartrate app when greenlight doesn't work and sensor does not activate normally.

also I found that everytime I sleep, and when I wake up the sensor halts.  for example last night I was coding till 4 a.m.  and then I woke up at 11 .    and this time sensor stops working at 11 instead of usual 6 o 7 a.m.   !  its a software bug. I must learn how to download debug logs. maybe I can find something related to this halts.


I tested more conditions, for example I disabled bluetooth and wifi , because I thought when the watch wants to sync mode with phone it halts. but again this happened. even with no wifi and bluetooth active , heartrate halted.  

the other thing that I found is that I set , scan mode to manual , do a reboot or shutdown watch for some minutes.  then I enable scan to auto ( 10 mins ) , and do some more reboots and it starts working.  

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Same issue, heartrate sensor is not working at all