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Galaxy Watch 46mm Not counting steps


Received my galaxy watch on Friday but no matter what I do I cannot get the step counter to work properly, I've tried all the suggested things to fix the problem but nothing works, the step count is so intermittent or dosent work at all. 


If I get up and walk around it counts nothing, jog up the stairs and it starts counting, sit down and get up again and the watch stops counting. 


I've seen alot of posts with people with the same problem and all of them returning there watches, I love the watch and don't really want to return it if it's a software issue that can be fixed.


Anyone else UK having the same issue

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It's been mentioned before this is a *hardware* issue. Having the watch replaced will not help as the fault has not been resolved even on new watches.

Your best option is to return the watch and get a full refund. 

If you need a *fitness tracker* with reliable functions, get a Fitbit Versa. I did and have never looked back. Sorry Samsung, but your Smart Watches are useless as fitness devices! 


So I guess Samsung is never going to take ownership of this problem. The very features I bought this watch for don't work (heart rate and step counter). They have you go through all these hoops (resets, etc) knowing that the watch is never going to do what they falsely advertised it does. Absolute trash with no help from Samsung!!!

I have to re-register every time I come back to this site, despite using the correct log in details!!!


I posted the comment by gb10. Watch worked perfectly for 5 months when it stop tracking HR and switching on display with the gesture, while playing golf. Not the first time I played with it on. I sat quitely on the caddy and repeated the tapping procedure until the display switched on with the gesture, that was 2 weeks ago, and still going strong, again.


YES, it's a hardware issue. FIX it yourself and get on with your life!


I had three issues. Home button not working. Step counter not counting. BPM not monitoring. I fixed my step counter and bpm monitoring.  

Let me tell you what I tried and was unsuccessful with to save you some headaches.  I tried changing watch face to one with no counter (you tube video) no luck. I factory reset the watch but again no fix. So....... the fix.

I let my battery die. No power saving mode just die on the vine so to speak. I charged it to 100% while it was powered off. Put it back on my wrist and turned it on. (I held the home and back buttons at the same time to turn on) Steps and bpm are now working. They're working with any watch face as well. Home button is still not functioning but I can get by without it. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the post - I will try it 

My Galaxy Watch 46mm is also not counting steps, I have:

Changed screen to simple no live values other than time

Stopped all auto start exercise detection

Turned off Wifi

Reset watch back to factory default


Steps did work for a while after I changed the screen , I will try your method today to see if it works.  As the fault usually deteriorates over time - I assume it is most probably a bug in Samsungs software(count be an app maybe) that consumes too many resources over time stopping the step counter working....

The calorie counter is just wrong - I use mapmyrun and its usually 4x


Samsung should provide a fix - or at least example how to avoid the issue

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