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Galaxy Watch 46mm Not counting steps


Received my galaxy watch on Friday but no matter what I do I cannot get the step counter to work properly, I've tried all the suggested things to fix the problem but nothing works, the step count is so intermittent or dosent work at all. 


If I get up and walk around it counts nothing, jog up the stairs and it starts counting, sit down and get up again and the watch stops counting. 


I've seen alot of posts with people with the same problem and all of them returning there watches, I love the watch and don't really want to return it if it's a software issue that can be fixed.


Anyone else UK having the same issue

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@Killieblues wrote:

I don't understand why the watch requires 20 steps to start recording the steps. The fitbit charge 2 I had previously recorded them immediately.

I understand why there are some steps required. You wouldn't want to register raising your arm as a step.


But I would love to see a setting where you could change it to something like 5 steps.

I would also love a setting where those 3 meters for a stair can be lowered to something like 2 meter.


Are you guys from the UK? I've got customer services denying any issues, asking me to take it to service and claiming those issues are not happening in the UK


They've said that to me despite me raising several tickets for it, as others have too. All in the UK. 


Hi. Is there anyone here who has the step counter and HR monitor working as intended? :smiling-face:


My HR monitor seems ok. The steps counter definitely isn't.


Off. I'd love to buy it for using as a handsfree device when driving, also for some sleep monitoring. Step counter is not really important to me, as I have my phone always with me.






When you say hands-free it's only really calls that would fall into this category and even then you need to manually make/receive.

Without Google Assistant it's not really hands free at all, Bixby isn't your mate on this one 🤣🤔

I don't like talking to the phone when driving, but if it's an important call I can answer it manually on the watch and then go on like a headset.

Thanks for the advice, I will be looking into the best price in my country and report back when I have the watch (in about 3 weeks there will be BF and maybe the price will be lower then).


I would say HR is fine although some days a bit intermitant and other days perect.


Step counter isnt the best. I use to test it against my phone and always around 2000 steps different. When i tested the phone it does over count including counting steps when shaken. I do think the watch undercounts and doesnt count anything when pushing a pushchair or shopping trolley.


Very frustrating situation

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