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Galaxy Watch 46mm Not counting steps


Received my galaxy watch on Friday but no matter what I do I cannot get the step counter to work properly, I've tried all the suggested things to fix the problem but nothing works, the step count is so intermittent or dosent work at all. 


If I get up and walk around it counts nothing, jog up the stairs and it starts counting, sit down and get up again and the watch stops counting. 


I've seen alot of posts with people with the same problem and all of them returning there watches, I love the watch and don't really want to return it if it's a software issue that can be fixed.


Anyone else UK having the same issue

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@MrsD wrote:

I have the same problem on my 42 in rose. Doesn't register steps and in comparing with phone which is t always on my person the phone has more than the watch! 



Sellotape your phone to your wrist and whilst sitting down shake your arm around. You'll see why the phone counts more.


I was wondering whether it has been determined that there is a software issue or a hardware one with the Galaxy watch?


I have a 46mm and apart from the common issue with HR (when I start running it will not measure HR during most of the time of the workout- the watch also stopped tracking my run in 2 out of my 3 runs so far.


One time it stopped at 1.4km and the second at 1.96km. Both times I had to ''finish'' the workout and restart a new one as the time would still run but no GPS tracking...


I still can return the watch for a refund or replacement so I would appreciate any insight. 





This image is from a google search showing there is a newer software version. Why havent we had it yet?


Nice find Danbyboy, let's hope it lands in the UK soon! This is driving me nuts. 


Could be wrong but I think that was the software update everyone received which changes the S-health app etc


That was the update released in August to users in America, think parts of Europe got it but not UK..


Apparently it doesn't fix the issues we are facing, I spoke to a chap who had it but still had issues.. Don't think we are getting that version 


I had this update on Saturday in the UK.  No noticeable changes

Apart from the HR issue mine also stopped GPS tracking in the middle of my run. It has done it in 2 out of my 3 runs so far.

The least they have to do is to officially inform us if there is a faulty batch of these things so that we'll be able to return our watches. ***** that's expensive stuff and we should not be treated this way!

Knox 2.3.0
SW version R800XXU1ARH1

  - I finally had enough, mines just gone back for a replacement next Monday, if it doesnt turn up or it has the same issues Ill look around for another or go back to Fitbit.



I'll do the same Gary.

I got mine from Currys. I'll send it back and get one straight from Samsung when stock becomes available with the hope that all this trouble is nothing but a faulty batch of products...

If that will not be the case I will look into other options too.

Honestly, If I knew from Samsung that all these bugs are software-related I could have waited for a fix but I fear their silence will make me end with a faulty unit without being able to return...


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