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Galaxy Watch 46mm Not counting steps


Received my galaxy watch on Friday but no matter what I do I cannot get the step counter to work properly, I've tried all the suggested things to fix the problem but nothing works, the step count is so intermittent or dosent work at all. 


If I get up and walk around it counts nothing, jog up the stairs and it starts counting, sit down and get up again and the watch stops counting. 


I've seen alot of posts with people with the same problem and all of them returning there watches, I love the watch and don't really want to return it if it's a software issue that can be fixed.


Anyone else UK having the same issue

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there is a fix. You can turn off 2 of the automatically tracked exercises and mine started counting steps again. Elliptical and something else. 

I turned everthing off except running/jogging. Should i turn some bits back on?

Not to worry anyone but I spoke to Samsung Supervisor this evening in the UK who also offered me a replacement.


When pressed she said we have no idea when UK stock will be replenished, I said could it be 3-4 weeks? Possibly not but we have no idea at present..


I asked if I could retain the faulty one until they had stock, she refused, I refused. No further forward.. Frustrating isn't the word.

Have you a source for that Danny?

Turn Elliptical and rowing auto detection off. This is a short term fix. 

As source for what. Cant see the comment your referring to. If its the stock comment then samsung uk and argos are both out. Argos have stopoed even advertising it
"Samsung U.S have announced its an issue and a software update is happening soon if not already."
It was that one I was referring back to, sorry should have quoted it. Curious to see the official statement from Samsung US as I can quote it myself in my chats with tech support who tell me I'm the only one with this issue..

As for stock, last night they told me they have absolutely no idea when its back in UK stock, Im holding on to mine until the very last day of my 28 days, I'll make a decision then.
I've been told exactly the same Gary, "we've had no other complaints regarding this......."!!

If they tell me that they don't have stock and I have to wait for several weeks I'm getting my money back and will look at getting a Garmin, the Huawei Watch or another Google Wear OS watch.

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