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Galaxy Watch (46mm) - Live pace readout

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I wonder if anybody can comment on the accuracy of the live pace readout on the galaxy watch whilst running?


I used to own a gear fit 2 pro, and the pace readout would be absolutely insane (and clearly faulty) when I was out running. It would tell me that my pace was 12:00p/km, yet I'd finish a 5k in 25 minutes :face-with-tears-of-joy:


I've just about convinced myself to buy the newest galaxy watch, but just wanted to know if anybody has had similar issues with it or if the readouts seem to be accurate? That essentailly made me stop using the old gear fit, so don't want to experience the same issue!




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I have the exact same problem!


during a run, the live pace is way off. Totally useless. Strangely, after the run the total distance and average pace are spot on.


Samsung, what’s wrong with the live pace? Why is it so inaccurate?


this is my second watch after I returned the first one within a week because of similar issues.


resetting watch and phone app doesnt help. Same issue applies when using strava. High accuracy for the GPS is already enabled. I run with the watch only so without the phone

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