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Galaxy watch 4

(Topic created on: 15-06-2022 10:56 PM)
Hi, ive seen this watch on EE website  just what ppl thoughts are, is it worth £20 a month, i have a generic smart watch atm, but the battery is going down quicker the last week or so, was thinking about getting another.

I have samsung a53g phone.
It's subjective really, bearing in mind most users complain about battery life more than anything else.

I personally get 2 to 3 days out of my watch before a charge is needed.
(I'm not sure what your current watch is like for battery life)

As you have a Samsung phone you will get the most out of the watch. (In terms of usable features and samsung pay)

You don't mention the length of the contract or the Apr (length of the £20 per month and over all cost of the watch with interest)

I bought mine at curry's using there credit option on a buy now pay in 12 months offer, this may be a better option, it would increase the payments to around 30.75 a month to get it paid off within the 12months but your free to pay more when you wish and if you pay the lot off before the 12 month deadline you pay zero interest just the cost of the watch which is a bonus
(That price is for the galaxy watch classic BT 46mm)

Overall its a hard question to answer, I like the watch for the sleep tracking, daily walks, and if my anxiety kicks in I use the bpm reading to try control my anxiety attack.

Which ever decision you make I hope your happy with it.

Best of luck