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Galaxy Watch 4 One UI 5 Upgrade - Broke sleep recording

(Topic created on: Monday)

Since the upgrade a few days ago to One UI 5 on my Watch 4 the sleep recording is a mess...

1: Before the upgrade: If I woke during the night which I do a couple times usually for just a few minutes in the morning it showed the cumulative of all sleep sessions and in the timeline showed the awake periods.

   After the upgrade: If I wake up during the night for a few minutes it assumes I am done sleeping and calls it a night and stops recording. It doesn't pick up any additional sleep sessions and append them to the record as it did before.

2: Before the upgrade: I would have about 1 to 1.5 hours of deep sleep recorded normally.

    After the upgrade: Deep sleep is only showing as a few minutes never any more than that.

I see the watch 5 has the same issues... If I notice anything else I'll edit the post.

First Poster

Same problem here! After the update, my deep sleep is no longer registered. Previously it was always 45 minutes and now it is 0 or 15 minutes.


The percentages in the overview also seem to be incorrect.

Screenshot_20230918_222633_Samsung Health.jpg

Screenshot_20230918_222809_Samsung Health.jpg