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Galaxy Watch 4 NOT so water resistant!

(Topic created on: 11-11-2021 02:00 PM)

I've had my Galaxy Watch 4 BT for about 2 months now.
Here in South Africa, we are in our Summer months and swimming does happen!

Been for a dip a few times, 10 - 15 minutres of splashing around, always ensuring that the "water lock" feature is enabled before getting in the water.

This past Sunday, after getting out and resting for about an hour, I put the watch on charge. I noticed it was very hot to the touch and had a message on the screen, something about "watch overheating and will shutdown"

So I shut it down and left it for about 10 minutes.
Was cold to the touch so I turned it on again and tried to charge it.
Battery percentage was dropping 10% every few seconds and just got very hot again...
Eventually it just wouldn't turn on again!

I took it into our local Sumsung Repair Centre on Monday where is was all booked in.

Today I get a call saying there is waterdamage  in the watch and I need to pay for repairs!

Can someone PLEASE explain to me how a watch with IP68 rating (1.5m for 30 minutes) now all of a sudden fills up with water and gets damaged?

Is there anybody at Samsung that can assist me with this as I really cannot afford the repairs or a new watch....

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