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Galaxy Watch 4 Classic - Samsung Health app workouts - audio guide sound volume is too low

(Topic created on: 4 weeks ago)
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Watch 4 Classic with Android OS - Samsung Health app's workout audio guide sound volume is too low while listening to the music directly from watch. Both sources "audio guide" and "Samsung Music" are managed by "Media Volume".

While listening to the music from Watch 4 Classic while running, with the "Media Volume" set for 50% (which is already loud with Galaxy Buds Pro or Hauwei AM61) and when workout's audio guide kicks in lowering music audio track volume about 30% it's still too loud for workout audio guide to be heard. Is it possible to somehow boost audio guide volume? Or does Samusng thinks about separating music and audio guide volumes? Alternatively it would work to connect the audio guide volume with Notifications volume instead of the Multimedia volume?
I had not such problems with Samsung Galaxy Watch (first gen).
At the moment I am forced to modify / convert all the songs I put on Watch 4 Classic by lowering file volume about 70% to hear workout audio guide while listening to those audio files directly from watch.