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Galaxy Watch 4 40mm (Bluetooth) messing up audio in car?

(Topic created on: 09-04-2022 09:46 AM)
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I recently got the Galaxy Watch 4. Since getting it I have noticed that when I try to hook up to play music via Bluetooth  and my phone (Pixel 6 Pro) all of a sudden I have no sound coming out on my car stereo.  It shows it's playing but absolutely no sound. My sound on my car radio is up. I made sure that my phone is not in DND or muted. I then noticed that my watch has that little music note bobbing up and down. When I tap it, the audio player on the watch it pauses and the car audio shows that the music was paused.  Not sure what is going on, but somehow I think the connection between the three Bluetooth devices (Phone, Car Stereo, and watch) is causing the issue. I don't know how to fix it. Hoping someone here knows the problem and the solution.  Before the watch connects I get a split second connection of audio between my phone and car stereo, but once the watch shows the little music icon bobbing up and down I have no audio.  So hopefully someone here can help. I know it has to do with the watch somehow just don't know how or why?


Hi, don't know if this helps but I had a similar problem. It was a while ago now on my previous phone but I'm sure I worked around it by disabling Bluetooth on my watch whenever I was in the car! Good luck!
I have thar issue sometimes but I'm on samsung phone. I usually open up smartthings on phone via drop down menu and select the audio output. Maybe try making a phone call on your phone whilst in car set up and then see on the phone where the audio is going.
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I have the exact same problem with between my car audio and the Galaxy S22 Ultra(phone)/Galaxy4classic. Did you ever find a solution to this? I don't want to have to remember to turn off my watch's bluetooth every time I get in the car (I get in and out probably 20 times per day with my job...). I've noticed my calls work fine, it's just music or video that seems to cause these symptoms.'


I found a band-aid that works for me. My workaround was to create an automated Bixby routine on the phone (for Samsung phones, go to: settings, advanced features, tap Bixby routines). I imagine your Google or Apple phones have similar IFTTT automation but here's what I created:
If - Bluetooth device connected - your car connection
Then - Disconnect from a bluetooth device - your watch connection
Reverse these actions when the routine ends.
Now I don't have to think about disconnecting/reconnecting the watch every time I get in/out of the car.