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Galaxy watch 3 - when will the Ecg and blood pressure monitor be available in the UK

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Any ideas when the Ecg and blood pressure monitor is available in the UK on the GW3

I bought this watch expecting these features to work pretty quickly, I would of purchased another brand if I knew what I know now.

Good luck... In France we have no BP, no ECG and no SPO2.

Samsung never communicate. Totally ***** customer support honestly.

Many watches even at a very low price offer spo2/vo2max. Xiaomi will release one in the next few months at 1/3rd of the price of GW3.


For any other brand, it takes 4-5 months to get an approval for this kind of feature.

But for samsung things seem to be different, Galaxy Active2  has been waiting forever.


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Check youtube, it's really simple to sideload ecg & bp straight from an android phone. No rooting & literally takes 2 minutes. I'm in UK & now have full functionality.

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well that's a bitter pill to Swallow i only bought this because i have heart problems and wanted to have a constant monitor on my wrist.... seriously considering sending it back...

update sent it back after support failing to get these working and not being able to provide a concrete date of activation in the UK.

decided it was better to wait until these were working features and stick with my Watch Active as they might well be releasing a newer model by the time this works
could you send a link... o tried downloading the file and got this isn't permitted in your country 😢🙄🙄
thanks bud 👍
I bought the watch knowing it was capable and would be enabled after regulatory approval. The sensors are more advanced than the cheapo watches you can get and u understand Samsung's point of a careful approach. let's hope it will pass the regs soon. Don't regret my purchase all the same as its a very nice watch.
worked a treat thanks mate
I definitely would have kept my Samsung Galaxy Watch. After all, it has best buttons.
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