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Galaxy Watch 3 ending workouts and not tracking heartrate

(Topic created on: 05-05-2022 03:02 PM)
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I've had my Galaxy Watch 3 for a couple of months* now.  It had been working great, but suddenly, I'm having all sorts of issues with workouts.

1) My last treadmill run had very bad heart rate tracking.  It's like the early DesFit review showing HR very sporadic.  I had read comments was fixed with a firmware fix, and my first few trials with the watch had  what seemed to be good performance.  I didn't have a chest strap on, so I wasn't looking for absolute accuracy (I don't care that much) but I could see that it was tracking all the time and went up and down with my pace as you'd expect.  Without changing any settings, my last treadmill run had intermittent at best tracking going long periods of time with no data.
2)  Much worse, a treadmill, exercise bike, and circuit training session since then have prematurely ended.  Some after minutes, so after about a minute.  I saw another thread recommended turning off autopause, but none of these workouts have autopause!  

I think the two are related.  It's more like the watch gets lost.  The response time was also awful at least during the exercise bike session.

My "fix" while on the bike and having it shutdown workouts 6 times was to turn the ***** thing off and back on again.  I wear the watch 24/7 other than charging or outdoor runs (I still use my Garmin for that...sorry...but I'd love to use this exclusively) so I leave it on all the time.  Maybe it just needs a good reboot before a workout (or at least more often than I currently power cycle)

Has anyone else seen this.?


*I had bought and given to my dad, but he wasn't using, so I'm trying it out to see if I want to replace my garmin.  So far, great smart watch (love the display and interaction with my samsung phone) but not so much for fitness.  I think I'll be a two watch guy (one for working out, one for rest of day....not two at a time like a crazy person) for now.


These Galaxy watches are buggy or something inside fails after a while.   My Galaxy Fit 2 had an issue not tracking distances/kcal and needed a Factory reset to get it working again, then will fail after a while.

Don't let them fob you off by saying "it's due to not having a Samsung phone so not all features are active".   If that were true they should stop selling the product to anyone outside the Sammy universe! 🤔

Go to a Samsung shop and have them take the watch in for checks. 

*In the end they swapped out the watch module for a new unit.  Will see if the same issue happens to my new module.  

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Thanks.  I actually HAVE a Galaxy phone, so that shouldn't be an issue.

I'll have to find a Samsung shop. It seems like something has "broken" in the watch with the sudden HR and ending issues.  Not to mention, it reacts very slow.


I'm just mad this wasn't happening when they had the bonus trade in offer, and I could have gotten a 4 for about $50.  Of course, it might happen on the 4, so maybe I SAVED myself $50.  Glad i have my trusty (but much less flashy) Garmin for workouts.