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Galaxy Watch 2018 - Would you recommend it?

(Topic created on: 21/09/18 22:07)
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Hi All,


I am looking to purchase the Galaxy Watch 2018 and for me the main use out of it would be checking notifications, control spotify and tracking my steps and Football activity in S health. However, based on what i am reading here many people are having issues with the tracking and GPS which is putting me off from buying this watch.


Can you please let me and others who are in the market to buy one know whether you recommend this device or not? Does all of the devices have tracking and GPS issue or is this only affecting some watches? Maybe like a dodgy batch in production?


From reading this forum, i am led to believe all watches are having issues - if this is the case i will not buy but if the issues are with only selected few then i can hope i dont get the faulty one.






No doubt at all it is a beautiful watch, beats anything out there on looks in my opinion. It's brilliant on notifications too, I get Gmail & Outlook emails and calendar alerts which I can answer by typing, drawing or speaking, really like that. 


I didn't think I'd use the calling feature, so far it's my favorite bit, so handy to answer calls on the watch. I have Spotify sorted and it works but havnt had much chance to play with that side yet.


So far so good, however the fitness tracking is putting it politely not really fit for purpose right now. Well not on my watch anyway. From standstill the 1st 15/20 steps don't register, after that it's decent on walks it's not far off my Fitbit. Still way down over 24 hours but I feel that is just a software fix, will they fix it? Who knows..


Heart rate tracking is intermittent too, especially on workouts and walks. It just stops for no apparent reason, flatlines then comes back, this affects the calorie count too which is really low compared to Fitbit.


Again hopefully a software fix would resolve, I posted earlier with some graphics about this and my suspicion is not the Watch but Samsung Health at fault. Probably wrong but I've nothing else to go on.


Am i going to keep it, probably yes in the hope these issues sort themselves out soon. Look around at other makes and user groups including Fitbit and Apple, lots of people unhappy, that's what these groups are for so guess.


It's s lovely bit of kit  could be amazing if they sort Health out..