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Galaxy sport watch stuck at rebooring loop

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Hello, I was taking a swim wit with swimming mode on the sport watch and at some point it simply starting rebooting and it has been in a Rebooting loop since then. I cannot somehow turn it off , or interrupt the Rebooting loop, it simply says Rebooting and then black screen and the agai  Samsung Galaxy Sport and Rebooting at the bottom.


Kindly advise :

1) further steps

2) European consumer support and complaints number and email


Hi @GRKyriakos. Sorry to hear this has happened. Have you let the battery fully drain and then tried fully charging again? 

I let it drain completely and upon trying to charge it , placing it on the charger, it went on and again starting the rebooting loop all over... 

Further, after some minutes the red light of the charger flashes and the watch drops dead after a while. Please advise further steps, already in my first 24 hours without the device operable 

Already eight days and you have not replied back! Please provide support!

I have the exact same issue with my sport, I've found nothing that works to fix it, so far in all that I've seen support just asks "Did you charge it?", "Is it dry?", "Have you tried holding these buttons?". And after one response they just ignore it, I wish they had stores in my country for support like apple.
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