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Galaxy Smart Watch? Bit of A Joke

(Topic created on: 21-01-2019 07:18 AM)

So, I have had the Galaxy Watch for four months now and have been persisting with it, hoping Samsung would fix the numerous issues that have been continually raised in here.


We all know the heart rate is a best a gimmick on this thing  as you cannot rely on it. The steps  although better, are not as reliable as other health devices I have used. We know these  we have waited patiently for each update, hoping one day for it to be good enough. 


However, there are other problems, which I would class as fairly basic for any watch that warrants the prefix smart, particularly if you have it paired with a Samsung phone. Why for instance, does it not know my quiet hours from my phone and allow me to set the watch to follow the same pattern? Not hugely smart, but smarter than me having to set this myself or wait for the random notification on the watch to suggest it should do so in 30 minutes, which is very random indeed.


How about cleverly working out your sleep? Nope, it used to be reasonably accurate  although I would often have to tweak the time I actually went to bed. More recently this is useless, saying I am going to bed hours before I do so. And can I tweak this the following day anymore? No, not unless I delete all the sleep data. So actually, it is now worse than it used to be. 


I could go on about all the little things that would make this thing smart. Alas  I doubt samsung are doing much and cannot be bothered to waste my time when they are seemingly not investing their effort to resolve common problems that everyone is experiencing. Not sure what I would buy next time. Tried desperately to keep away from the apple walled garden but given the amount of issues I get with other devices perhaps that thought needs reviewing. 


Anyway, rant over. 

Unfortunately although I love Samsung products in general , I find my 4g 42mm Galaxy Watch very much style over substance.
Compounded by poor Major App support, features which clearly dont work as intended, and software fixes that are slow and do not address issues fully.
If your in the market for a Galaxy watch definitely research to make sure it serves your needs.
Coming from an apple watch there are pro's with Samsung's attempt but the Lack of Apps is a killer unfortunately,
Hoping it improves in the future

Samsung S20 Ultra 5g 512gb (returned to EE)
Samsung Galaxy watch 4g 42mm
Samsung Buds+

Unfortunately I would agree with this post entirely. For £299 this watch is a joke! Due to the lack of mainstream apps it is poor as a smartwatch, for me this would be forgivable if the sport/fitness tracking was any good but that is awful.

At the moment all it has going for it is battery life and looks.

I have been hanging on, expecting a major software fix to sort out the fitness/health issues or at least a statement to acknowledge the problems and timescale for a fix. However my frustration at the silence means the watch could be heading back to them very soon as not fit for purpose.