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Galaxy Samsung S22 Ultra And Galaxy Watch 5 pro esim doesnt work with wifi or mobile internet only with bluetooth

(Topic created on: 09-11-2022 09:52 PM)
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Hi All,

Given Galaxy S22 Ultra
And Galaxy Watch 5 pro with esim
And Android 13

When I logged in to Galaxy S22 Ultra with my Samsung account
And I logged in to Galaxy Watch 5 esim with my Samsung account
And both mobile and watch have an esim
And Bluetooth is off
And both mobile and watch have a wifi or mobile internet connection
And I call my phone number from another mobile

Then only mobile is receive the call
And mobile has not forwarded the call to Watch esim by using wifi or mobile internet.

But for example clock picture can be changed,
And only the mobile calling is not forwarded from mobile to watch pro 5 esim
And using Bluetooth, everything works fine
And without Bluetooth I can send SMS successfully

What can be the root problem?

Helping Hand

Welcome to the community. May I recommend that when posting only use bold when trying to make emphasis. Using bold for every first word in every sentence makes it harder to read and understand.

I am assuming that you used the Samsung Wear App to pair the watch with the phone. I am also assuming that both the phone and the watch are using the same mobile network and both have been associated by your network.

If all the above is right, you also need to change settings on your phone to allow calls on other devices.

Settings> Advanced Features> Call And Text On Other Devices - Enable

On your watch 

Watch Settings> Advanced Features> Remote Connection Turn On - Enable

After enabling this option,  you need to go back to it and by touching "Remote Connection" select 

"Make and receive calls on your watch without a Bluetooth connection to your phone"

I hope this solve you problem.

By the way, if you are with O2. your phone MUST be connected to the network for the function to work. If you phone is in airplane mode or turn off, the watch would only do emergency call.

Hello @Members_qvlSWLi, what phone network provider are you using? For example, if its Vodafone then you need a One Number contract as well. This, the more information you can provide the more people with the relevant knowledge can assist you.
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I have a Watch 5 Pro LTE without eSIM card, but if I turn on Wifi, but turn off Bluetooth, I cant answer a call, or take it. What can I do?

Helping Hand

You will need to call your network to add an eSIM to your contract for the watch (at a cost), add the eSIM to your watch using the Wearable app. Both devices must be joined the same account on your network, the network does that bit. Depending on your network the capabilities of the second device will be more or less independent.

O2 is a horrendous network to be on, it borders the useless mark. The phone must be connected to the network for the watch to work, meaning that if your phone runs out of battery, it is turn off, or airplane mode, the watch won't be able to make calls other than emergency ones. Other networks might be the same but EE seems to keep the watch working even when the phone is off.

If you do not want to pay extra, then bluetooth must be connected at all times and both devices must be within the bluetooth distance from each other.

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Pls I got the 5 Pro watch from 02 , when I try to use the watchvto make calls it tells me emergency calls only .