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Galaxy S7 with Gear S3-Email requires pin

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I know this issue has been discussed a bit, but Im hoping for an expanded solution.  I have a galaxy S7 using the samsung email app to access my work email.  The email admin has required a password on any device accessing the account.

After linking my Gear S3, a password is now requried my on that device as well, which is SUPER annoying.  I understand that my email admin has set up that if I want to access that account from my watch, I need the pin.  However, what If i want the email account on my phone but have it not synced to my watch.  It seems that no matter what I try, eventually, the watch tried to access the account...which then enables the pin.  Once that pin is enabled the only way to remove it is to both

1) Remove the email account from my phone

2) factory reset the watch

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