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Galaxy Fit E Sleep Tracking, Heart Rate, and Vibration Issues

(Topic created on: 09-05-2020 08:29 AM)

I've only had the watch since mid-February, and all was peachy. I had minor quibbles with how software handled the information, for instance, the fact it doesn't autocalculate resting heartrates, enabling workout detection disabled location tracking in Samsung Health, and the heart rate interval is 'battery-destroying' or 'what's even the point?' This was, until around the beginning of April or so. 

Since then, the watch has been intermittently, but mostly not tracking my sleep. If it had, it recorded maybe one- or two-hours. Looking on the heart rate monitor, it tracked my heart rate throughout the night, but always stops for between twenty-minutes and an hour or so, around about six- or seven-o'clock in the morning.


Naturally, I tried all the usual troubleshooting: resetting, unpairing, uninstalling, reinstalling, pairing, clearing caches, trying another app store, ensuring high battery charge, but to no avail. When contacting support, they also, inevitably, went through troubleshooting, checking for updates, checking the settings, clearing the cache, damage, even getting another person in my household to wear it, then deciding they wanted to inspect the phone instead.


More noticeably since then, the watch has, despite DND and vibrate being turned off, begun vibrating occasionally. I think this is due to it disconnecting, but I believe ~1m is well within range for bluetooth, and my phone is not connected to another bluetooth device.

So, I'm at a bit of a loss! Any help would be greatly appreciated because at the minute looks like I'll just be selling it and investing in a fitbit inspire HR.

Tl;dr: Not recording sleep properly; heart rate not being recorded at the same time each day; already troubleshooted lots; weird vibes


Edit: Added example photos

Sleep duration: I promise I was asleep longer than an hour and before 7:35amSleep duration: I promise I was asleep longer than an hour and before 7:35am


As you can see, the entire 7:00-7:59 is missingAs you can see, the entire 7:00-7:59 is missing


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I have the same issue. Had mine since end of September 

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Good luck with this, you are going to need it. I unfortunately bought a Fite and have had nothing but trouble with it. It starts going wrong then dies completely. I have to keep sending it back for repair. I requested a refund as it's not fit for purpose, but they keep insisting on a repair, they did tell me that if they couldn't repair it they would refund me, unfortunately they sent out a new one and that has gone the same way. They lie, they also told me I could have a doorstep repair, apparently that was a lie as well. If you didn't buy it from Samsung you may well be able to get a refund from the store. My recommendation is never buy from Samsung or their products. The Fite is not fit for purpose