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Galaxy earbuds+

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Recently got a set of galaxy earbud+ with my new S20 Utra moble, great product, slight problem when used in warm/hot sunlight.. the bud in direct sunlight bleeps for around 45 seconds and then repeat's at regular interval. Sent the set away with full description the problem and the buds were retuned 'repaired'. 1o minutes in the sun , same problem... they are currently back to samsung for repair again.. interestingly my partner has just got her new phone and has a set of buds+ too... First time of using today, same problem, bleeping in the warm sun.... this stops if they are used indoors... These too will be returned to SAMSUNG. Is anyone else having this issue or found a fix for it?


Sounds like they're getting too hot in direct sunlight , if a replacement pair are the same then it maybe how they are 


I have found mention of the same issue on a few other sites which would suggest there is some kind of issue with some units.. not entirely happy that the buds can't be used in moderate sunlight (23 degrees c). Fit for purpose?

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