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Galaxy Buds2 Pro ear irritation

(Topic created on: 17-12-2022 02:34 AM)
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I bought the galaxy buds2 pro's about a month ago. I used them for about 25 minutes the first time i ever used them, after the 25 minutes my ears started getting very itchy and irritated. After a couple hours of the itchiness i noticed fluid leaking out of my ears. I stopped wearing the earbuds for about 2 weeks and my ears got slightly better but were still very crusty and itchy. I wore them again today for at max 1 hour and my ears are once again very itchy, leaking fluid, and blood came out of them. Id say it is safe to say that it is the earbuds causing the irritation. It is very disappointing, as i love samsung products and i love the earbuds but i cant use them and i paid a lot of money for these earbuds. Id say im entitled for some sort of compensation from samsung. As are a lot of other people that are having these issues. It is obviously an issue with these earbuds that samsung definitely knows about, as there was a class action lawsuit about it in New Jersey. 

Helping Hand
Now using the galaxy buds live and haven't had any reaction at all