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Galaxy Buds+ Volume issue

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My Galaxy buds+ have been working fine until this morning, I connected as usual but this time my left earbud sounds
somewhere about 75% lower than my right earbud. I've rested the thing through the Wearables app but it just made it worse, the left bud wouldn't connect at all.


After a few hours in the case later the left bud suddenly connected and displayed on the Wearables app but only gives 25% of the volume compared to the right bud. I've even tried to clean the buds and changing ear tips. No clue what to do, connected to a live chat, and got told to contact a technician. I've filed a fault report to Samsung Service but I'm wondering if there are any known fixes. All help and tips are really appreciated, thanks.


(Model number)


Same issue suddenly this morning. Cleaned, reset, updated, looked at past solutions, nothing works. 


I've sent my buds to their service today. I will make an update if Samsung Service Center were to assist me on the problem/issue and/or if there would be any cost for fixing the issue etc. Sorry to hear your affected too. 😕

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