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Galaxy Buds not charging in the case.

(Topic created on: 09/09/19 03:39)
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Hi All,


I hope you're all well.


I am kinda frustrated because I've just bought a brand new pair of Galaxy Buds and for the life of me, I'm sick to death of them already.


I'm experiencing a massive issue when it comes to charging the things....


From the IconX 2018 have worked flawlessly AND theirs actually an indication ON THE OUTSIDE of the case that indicates when the buds are charged AND if they're both charged.


Galaxy Buds on the other hand....nope. I opened the case and my bluetooth icon says that the power is low - bearing in mind, the buds have been in the case with a power cable connected to the plug socket for 2 hours previously, so they shouldve been charged by now. I opened the Galaxy Wear app and only the right one was charged - left one was dead as a dodo!


These are BRAND NEW, literally a week old and the only way i can get these ***** things to charge is in the case with the lid open....not ideal by any stretch of the imagination.


Sound quality is brilliant, connection - no issues, build quality - decent, charging - trash!


I shower every day and clean my ears daily so theirs not a morsel of grime or anything on the pins or the buds themselves - but just to make sure, I've cleaned the case and the buds but nothing works.


Can someone advise how i can rectify the issue?


Kind Regards,


Superuser II
Superuser II

@Hi @The_HoneyMonsta , i know how it can be frustrating to have a device not working properley


Did you found something in the manual about this ?


The first time, i try to charge them about 4 hours on multiple charger and it don't charge  ALSO until i open the Galaxy wearable application and made the settings. Don't ask me why but since that time they are OK. Hope it should be simple as that for you... 


Second option, you call Samsung or Alternatively, you can get back in touch with your retailer and discuss the options available for you at this stage. 


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Si votre problème est résolu suite à ma réponse ,  veuillez l'accepter comme solution . Merci