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Galaxy Buds Model




I have bought some galaxy buds on eBay and I want to ensure they're the UK model and not US.


Is there a way to check this, as well as checking they are genuine, just from the outer box and serials?




Hey @himonster ,


I can check this from here. Would you be able to request the model and serial number from the seller?

TessM - see above, thank you

Thanks! I have checked this on our system and they are an EU/UK model. Are you having any problem with these? 


*I have now removed the post displaying this data from this thread.

No I'm not. Are they genuine Samsung?

Also, how do I register these for warranty?

Yes, they are. Did you get this brand new or second hand and did you get these from a store or a seller?


These are covered under warranty for 12-months since the date of purchase (brand new). 

I got them from a private seller, brand new and sealed on eBay. Am I still covered?

If so, how do I register my 12 months?

You don't need to register your warranty for these if you don't like it as this is automatically applied. However, we will need to see the original receipt to establish the true warranty date.


However, if you are still interested in register these you should be able to do it from your Samsung Members, you can find more about this here:

They don't have a receipt though as it was a gift.

Surely as long as I have the proof of purchase and photos confirming it's Sealed, I'll be covered?

You are purchasing an item from a private seller and most manufacturers will not accept a paypal receipt for such sales (I know from previous experience). So either ask for the original receipt to be included (Warranty would start from the purchase date printed on that receipt) or walk away if you're unwilling to take the risk.


I have read posts on this very forum that stated people have been asked to provide a retail receipt when trying to obtain a warranty repair at a service centre even though the goods are showing as having an active warranty on the system. 

My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.
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