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Galaxy Buds mic issue

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I have recently purchased Galaxy Wearable. I have 2 issues


1. Major issue: When I make calls using buds then the mic quality is bad. The other person can not hear it clearly and he is able to listen to a lot of background noise.


2. I am not able to connect my Galaxy buds to both my mobile as well as the laptop simultaneously. Does Samsung Galaxy support multiple device connection?


The mic problem is pretty deal breaker for me. if there is no solution for this then I want to return it.


Thank you.



Galaxy Buds are not suitable for conversation. Already Chinese, much cheaper headphones have better microphones.
Here is a similar problem.


I've had this problem whilst Samsung are taking there sweet time to fix, it's down to the sensitivity of the sensor the detects you ear.

As a temporary solution u have to make sure the little red sensor is spotless and in tight as you can get it into your ear.

The one that plays up the most is the right side on pair.

The annoying thing is to have a good quality phone call or anything mic related both mics need to be in operation.

If the sensor doesn't detect your ear it turns it off there for leading to bad mic quality.

For now you might need to change yout tips to get the bud in (unnecessarily) tight


Hope this helps 

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I have the same problem, I bought it from Samsung Malaysia online. I took them to their service centre, they said they replaced the buds not the case. After I tested it the problem now coming from the mic, very poor sound. I am disappointed form this purchase and customer service because I can't record anything and I need to submit a video in a few days.

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