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galaxy buds left earbud issues


Hi, when I'm using my galaxy buds the left bud frequently stops playing sound. This is generally for a short period of time but is frustrating as it happens so often. This never happens with the right earbud, and it's not a distance issue as even with my phone in my left pocket this problem persists, and with the left ear bud only. If anyone could help with this problem I'd be grateful. Thanks


Just send them back if you can..


I contacted customer service and they wanted to send mine to be "repaired"...I had only been using them for 5 days, they were brand new. I asked if they could just be exchanged but they informed me they do not do exchanges, just return and refund, then I could reorder them if I would like.


I chose to return them and spend my money on a cheaper brand. The cheaper brand has been working for me with zero issues, I don't care for them as much as I liked the Buds+ in the few days that I was able to use them.. But after all the hassle and issue over a brand new expensive item.. I will deal with my cheap ones instead.


So.... if you can.. SEND. THEM. BACK.


Not sure if you'll see this comment but if you do... THANK YOU


You're welcome! Glad I was helpful 


The left pair of my buds live has same issue very frequently. I returned it and bought a new one. The new one is even worse. 8 concluded that this is a crappy design and there is no way to resolve it. 


Well, buds live have no tips to be changed. 

What can be done for buds live then? 

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