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galaxy buds left earbud issues


Hi, when I'm using my galaxy buds the left bud frequently stops playing sound. This is generally for a short period of time but is frustrating as it happens so often. This never happens with the right earbud, and it's not a distance issue as even with my phone in my left pocket this problem persists, and with the left ear bud only. If anyone could help with this problem I'd be grateful. Thanks


Did you get a resolution.. i.have the same issue and I was given these as a bday gift 3.2.20 and Samsung wont refund us. 


@rnm14780_10: Have you tried the accepted solution in this thread to see if that works for you? If one of your Buds isn't working, please take a look at the steps below to see if they help at all.
1. Place your faulty Bud in the charging case, make sure that the charging contacts on the Bud and case are in contact with each other and are clean of any foreign materials. Does the charging light turn red? If not, try charging the case for 10-15 minutes, then try again.
2. Try cleaning the affected Bud:
- Remove the ear tip from the earbud carefully. Don't use force to remove the ear tip.
- Clean the sensor, mesh and ear tip with a clean, soft cloth.
- Clean the receiver with a cotton swab and dry brush to remove any foreign materials.
- Reattach the ear tip onto the earbud when you've finish cleaning.
Please note: do not use liquids, such as alcohol or soapy water, when cleaning the Galaxy Buds.
3. Put your Galaxy Buds back in their case for 10-15 seconds. Reopen the case to enable Bluetooth, and check your mobile device's screen. If the Galaxy Buds don't connect to a mobile device within 3 minutes, Bluetooth connecting mode will automatically turn off.

I'm having the exact same issue let me know if you had any luck

Did you ever figure out how to fix the issue? Neither a reset nor uninstalling the app seems to work.


I don't have an option that says dual audio.

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buds not work proparli


I've tried everything but still have the issue of left bud volume being lower than normal. did samsung recommend doing anything different?



Tengo el mismo problema. 5% en el derecho aunque sale luz verde y el izquierdo no se conecta

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Hello, im having trouble with my right earphone, the sound is significantly quiter than the left. I have only had them around 3 weeks as my old buds did the same. any ideas on how to fix them? Thanks in advance.

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