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Galaxy buds fall out and I can hear all background noise

(Topic created on: 18-05-2022 12:27 AM)
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I "upgraded" from the original buds to the pro buds. I've had them almost 2 months and it's been terrible. They hurt my ears to start with, the sound and fit is way worse than the original buds. I regret selling my old ones!  No matter what tips I use the left one falls out every few minutes and doesn't sit in my ear. The left bud squeals when I re-adjust it.  Active noise cancelling on or off it makes no notable difference, I can have the volume full blast and still hear background noise. Ambient noise is 100% off, the last thing I want is to hear the world around me when in the gym and I can hear background over my music! You can never get a good seal no. Matter. What. Size. You. Use! . It's like samsung made them too long for a typical ear and why get rid of the wing tips that held them in!!! My partner has the exact same issue. I went into jb hifi to see if they had any aftermarket tips that might help (none in stock) and they inform me that these are all super common issues and they get so many people come back complaining. I'm not very happy given they were so expensive. Has anyone got any aftermarket tips that fix these issues Or should I jump ship? What a disappointment. 

Search for foam tips galaxy buds pro on amazon or eBay, apparently they give the seal your looking for.
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Even though i had no issues with the OEM tips I replaced them recently for memory foam ones off of Ebay (set of 3 different sizes). They do fit more snug due to moulding to ear shape and also are more comfortable for long term use.
As for their noise cancelling abilities - well I had the washing machine on earlier and both earphones in / noise cancelling on. Even with music on low then I couldn't hear the machine spinning....despite feeling it shaking through kitchen floor.