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Galaxy buds battery drain and volume problems

(Topic created on: 01-07-2020 05:32 AM)
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Hey everyone! 

I purchased by galaxy buds back in December 2019 and i've been using them since then and they've worked really well until the past few weeks. I've been experiencing some significant battery drain and my left bud is a lot quiter than the right one. I've tried a lot of things including wiping the bud with a slightly damp paper towel, blowing inside the metal grate to clear any debris, blasting the find my earbuds feature to clear more debris, resetting the buds and paring them with my mac. As for the battery drain, I don't use the ambient aware feature and i'm getting around 10-11 hours instead of the 13 hours advertised. And as for the lower volume, my left bud is a lot quiter than the right one. I'm not sure why.


If anyone has any suggestions and can help, I'd greatly appreciate it!


Also I was wondering if Samsung would repair them or replace them as I'm still covered under warranty. If anyone has any experiences with this, please do help. Thanks again!!