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Galaxy Active 2 Missing Danish as input language for messages

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Just bought a Galaxy Active 2 and while it support Danísh just fine on the settings and writing input language the speech to text in the messages however does not - which is pretty annoying since the product is not very handy for writing messages.

I suspect it is using Google Voice Typing and it somehow is related to which languages are made available for offline speech to text (so that the watch is not forced to use the phone for transscribing) but I can not find anywhere to add other languages to the available options on the watch.


To be honest it really sucks as sending messages in english or german is not really what we do in our country.


Any help on how to add other languages for the voice option on the messages would be much appriciated.

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Here is a full guide by samsung with videos included


Thanks for the input - however - I already found this option and the problem is that the list is limited to about 12 different languages. But his is indeed where I would like to add Danish as that is what we use 🙂


I think this will quickly become a problem for many people not having english, spanish, german or french as their primary language. Samsung need to fix this fast,

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